WESTERN CANADA BUS Wins “Pursuit of Excellence Award”

Western Canada Bus is proud to announce for the 2nd year in a row winning the IC Bus “Pursuit of Excellence” award.  Western Canada Bus is one of just four bus dealerships in North America to receive the 2014 award.

Winning the IC Bus Pursuit of Excellence Award for an unprecedented two years in a row is truly amazing, and a testament to the unmatched customer support that we provide for our customers.  We are committed to providing you with a quality product at a competitive price, quality parts and service, and the peace of mind of knowing you are supported with a product and dealer network dedicated to you and your passengers’ safety.

 The highly prestigious award is presented to the elite dealerships within the IC Bus network that excelled in the previous year in several key areas, including growing their market share and exceeding their annual sales plans. In addition, dealers had to meet a high customer satisfaction threshold and participate in community service to be eligible for the award. The award is presented annually only to the qualifying dealerships out of more than 50 IC Bus dealers in North America.

 “These awards are given to those dealers that have demonstrated an ability to grow our customer relationships this past year,” said Trish Reed, Vice President & General Manager, IC Bus in a company press release. “In addition to providing unmatched customer support, these dealers have displayed a commitment to ensuring the success of their customers and their local communities.”

 This is a big deal to our team and a huge accomplishment for our Company.  Thank you again to our dedicated staff and parts and service locations that have assisted us with our success