IC Bus introduces an industry first purpose built Camera System

As IC Bus's goal is to offer the safest buses, continue to integrate technology to ensure that goal is attained. IC has introduced an Industry first feature; A Purpose Built Camera System. Combined with side mirrors this advanced system will allow bus drivers to have a "full view" around the bus view so that drivers can concentrate on driving and keeping kids safe.

The new 360° Camera system was co-developed with Rosco™ and solves the problem of addressing the blind spots that off-the-shelf systems have. It provides the driver with views needed based on the situation at hand, such as backing up, opening the door or a view to the side or front of the bus while manoeuvring through a parking lot. It delivers this information in a non-intrusive nor distracting manner, so only the right information is being provided when needed.

"We listened to our customers as part of our DriverFirst™ philosophy, and they told us that they wanted visual safety solution specific to school buses," said Trish Reed, vice president & general manager, IC Bus."As a leader in Uptime for the bus industry, IC Bus is proud to partner with Rosco to co-develop this unique camera solution that gives drivers accurate information to help reduce blind spots and allows them to feel more secure and stress-free while transporting our most precious cargo—school children.”

The camera system is equipable on both the CE and RE Series orders and is a factory installed option. The system does have the ability to be paired with other brands. 

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