Gasoline Powered CE Series

The All-New Gasoline powered CE Series is the newest addition to the powertrain lineup at IC Bus. The new purpose-built power-train offers diesel-like performance and fuel efficiency. The Purpose built Gasoline CE Series offers the capability to operate easier and more efficiently with increased serviceability. 

IC Bus set out on a mission guided by the feedback from their customers to  IC develope a gas-powered bus to rival the performance of the Diesel. The purpose-built PSI 8.8L is the resulting outcome. Not only does it achieve what it aimed to but, it exceeds it. IC Bus's gasoline-powered CE Series is efficient, quite, greater hill climbing ability, immediate acceleration, stop and go performance and offers a leading warranty. 

The 8.8L PSI Engine is used in both the Propane and Gasoline applications. The naturally aspirated engine is designed as a lower speed engine which allows for less noise heat and wear than our competitors. This design results in diesel-like torque and performance which achieves the goal of having a simplified driver experience when switching to an alternative fuel type.

The Gasoline powered Bus operates with an Allison Transmission. The Allison Shaft is shorter and sturdier and has improved reliability vs. Ford. The Clutch also has 42% more material than Ford allowing it to hold gears better when it counts.


When it comes to service on your IC Bus you can count on the most capable and broadest dealer network in the industry. The simplicity of the IC Bus warranty means you experience less frustration and quicker service times. The PSI Engine comes with 5-year Unlimited mile warranty, and the Allison Transmission is 7-year unlimited mile warranty as well. Click here to get an information sheet on the Gas Engine