The Bendix Wingman Fusion brings even more advanced safety features to the Industry

The incorporation of radar, brakes, and camera systems brings the most advanced suite of collision mitigation, adaptive cruise, and electronic stability control suite to the industry. Thanks to the single integrated system the Wingman® Fusion™. The system gathers input from radar, video and the brake system to create a highly detailed and accurate data picture. Its next-generation radar, camera, and brake system are linked to each other – continually gathering, sharing, and confirming information; and all the while communicating with the brakes as to how best to alert and aid the driver.

School Bus Bendix Collision Mitigation

The system safety features include:

Bendix SVB

  • Stationary Vehicle Braking - Will automatically alert the driver and apply braking force if the driver does not respond to the stopped vehicles in line with the direction of the bus.
  • Overspeed Alert - Use of the cameras the system can read speed limit signs and communicate with the EPS system and alert the driver when the vehicle is travelling over the speed limit
  • Enhance Collision Mitigation - analyzes potential crash scenarios and will when necessary reduce the vehicle's speed to mitigate as much impact force as possible (up to twice as much as current systems)
  • Lane Departure Warning - Alert drive of unintended drifting between lanes
  • Alert Prioritization - If the system recognizes multiple scenarios, it will deliver alerts in order of most importance and provide only the most crucial alert to the driver
  • And Many more!

The Bendix Wingman Fusion is the most powerful and advanced Driver assistance system available in the marketplace place today. We have ordered a demo unit, and we look forward to being able to answer all of your questions! To learn more about all of the features that the system offers, please click here.