2017 ASTSBC Convention was a success!

The annual 2017 ASTSBC Convention was a success.

We were able to catch up with a vast amount of our loyal clients, connect with potential clients and discuss how the industry is advancing. Western Canada Bus is very excited to be able to showcase our products at events like this so that you get a chance to meet with us face to face to discuss any concerns, questions or any other pertinent matters.


To all those who came out to see us we thank you for taking the time to go out of your way to the convention and see how product line is ever advancing. As you saw at the trade fair we are very excited about the launch of the OnCommand Link and Connection system. This system will change the way that you are able to manage your bus fleet. It will allow you the ability to generate and monitor health reports for each bus in your fleet, receive remote warnings when there is and error or new calibration update available, and so much more! Also new to our IC lineup is our new functionality improvements to our windows making it easier for bus patrons to open and close the window, and they are more leak proof extending the longevity of your busses.

We would like to extend a huge thank you to our host, The Sheraton Vancouver Airport Hotel in Richmond. Your venue was very accommodating, which made for a much better viewing experience for our convention attendees. The food was exceptional and the service was outstanding.

We look forward to seeing this years ASTSBC attendees next year for the annual convention in Kelowna! If you would like to hear more about updates to our product line, news and upcoming events, please click here or you can also subscribe at the bottom of the page!