ST Aero Series

The ST Aero, is the smallest star in student transportation. Offering the same styling cues and construction as its bigger siblings, the ST Aero is the clear choice for those looking for single wheel Type A school buses. The ST Aero provides larger bus durability, safety and reliability–only in a smaller package.

Chassis Modifications

  • Tailpipe, Route to rear bumper

Body Structure

  • Plywood floor, ½” thick
  • Floor structure, 14 gauge Pan-formed Floors
  • Insulation, 1 ½” in sides & roof & insulate roof bows
  • Bumper, 3/16" steel powder coated black
  • Door control, Manually operated with T-bar

Glass & Sash

  • Glass, Tempered entrance door
  • Glass, Tempered observation window located forward of entrance door GM
  • Emergency door, Anodized aluminum frame with 1 full tempered glass
  • Glass, Tempered & light tinted 62% light transmission rear vision windows
  • Window, Split sash 26” wide tempered & light tinted 62% light transmission


  • Step treads, For two step step-well ribbed black rubber with white nosing
  • Interior ceiling panels, Pre-painted white aluminum
  • Floor rubber, black
  • Mirror, Interior rear view 6” x 16”


  • Rub rails, Seat level, & floor level (seat level wrap around rear)
  • Mirrors, Crossover rosco mini Hawkeye
  • Mirrors, Side-view rosco Euro style, Black brackets for GM

Safety Equipment

  • Back up alarm, 97 decibel
  • Hold open device, rear emergency door. Required on school bus & MFSAB
  • 3 Point latch, rear emergency door. Required on school bus & MFSAB
  • Grab rail, Full length stainless steel attached to barrier and to step-well

Paint & Lettering

  • Paint exterior, National school bus yellow
  • Decals, “Emergency Door” black with black arrow on outside “Emergency Exit” black with red arrow inside
  • Decals, “To Open” black letter on inside and outside of emergency door
  • Decal, “Trans Tech” logo in rear of bus
  • Decal, “Trans Tech” logo on each side of bus on roofline
  • Reflective tape, Yellow surrounding emergency door
  • Decal, “School Bus” black letters exterior roof caps

Lamps & Signals

  • Stop arm, Transpec model 6000 solid ST, Refl BLD W/LTS
  • Warning system, 8 lamp (Red & Amber Halogen Lamps) Installed front & rear
  • Flasher, Inpower
  • Brake lights, 4” red LED
  • Clearance lights, LED front & rear recessed
  • Marker lights, LED front & rear recessed
  • Backup lights, 4” clear LED
  • Side MTD turn signals, LED MTD between window line & seat level rub rails
  • Turn signals, 4” amber LED

Wheel Chair Lift Equipped Models Include the Following

  • Floor structure, 14 gauge overlay in lieu of 24 gauge
  • Wheel chair entrance door, 58 ½”H X 46” W. Anodized aluminum frame with 34 ½”W X 28 ¾”H tempered glass area. Includes single rub rail and 3pt lock mechanism
  • Wheel chair door hold open device
  • Ceiling mounted lift light, illuminates interior lift platform area
  • Super spring, Compensate for lift weight