SST Series

The SST is the first Type A school bus to offer improved aerodynamic styling while still providing unmatched strength and durability. Offering a pan formed floor, bolted safety cage construction, and more driver protection, the SST is built like no other Type A school bus available today. Designed to provide maximum years of service while decreasing operation cost, the SST does both in style.

Chassis Modifications

  • Tailpipe, Route to rear bumper

Body Structure

  • Plywood floor, ½” thick
  • Floor structure, 14 gauge Pan-formed Floors
  • Insulation, 1 ½” in sides & roof & insulate roof bows
  • Bumper, 3/16" steel powder coated black
  • Door control, Manually operated with T-bar

Glass & Sash

  • Glass, Tempered entrance door
  • Glass, Tempered observation window located forward of entrance door GM
  • Emergency door, Anodized aluminum frame with 1 full tempered glass
  • Glass, Tempered & light tinted 62% light transmission rear vision windows
  • Window, Split sash 26” wide tempered & light tinted 62% light transmission


  • Step treads, For two step step-well ribbed black rubber with white nosing
  • Interior ceiling panels, Pre-painted white aluminum
  • Floor rubber, black
  • Mirror, Interior rear view 6” x 16”


  • Rub rails, Seat level, & floor level (seat level wrap around rear)
  • Mirrors, Crossover rosco mini Hawkeye
  • Mirrors, Side-view rosco Euro style, Black brackets for GM

Safety Equipment

  • Back up alarm, 97 decibel
  • Hold open device, rear emergency door. Required on school bus & MFSAB
  • 3 Point latch, rear emergency door. Required on school bus & MFSAB
  • Grab rail, Full length stainless steel attached to barrier and to step-well

Paint & Lettering

  • Paint exterior, National school bus yellow
  • Decals, “Emergency Door” black with black arrow on outside “Emergency Exit” black with red arrow inside
  • Decals, “To Open” black letter on inside and outside of emergency door
  • Decal, “Trans Tech” logo in rear of bus
  • Decal, “Trans Tech” logo on each side of bus on roofline
  • Reflective tape, Yellow surrounding emergency door
  • Decal, “School Bus” black letters exterior roof caps

Lamps & Signals

  • Stop arm, Transpec model 6000 solid ST, Refl BLD W/LTS
  • Warning system, 8 lamp (Red & Amber Halogen Lamps) Installed front & rear
  • Flasher, Inpower
  • Brake lights, 7” Red incandesant
  • Clearance lights, LED front & rear recessed
  • Marker lights, LED front & rear recessed
  • Backup lights, 4” clear LED
  • Side MTD turn signals, LED MTD between window line & seat level rub rails
  • Turn signals, 7” amber incandesant

Wheel Chair Lift Equipped Models Include the Following

  • Floor structure, 14 gauge overlay in lieu of 24 gauge
  • Wheel chair entrance door, 58 ½”H X 46” W. Anodized aluminum frame with 34 ½”W X 28 ¾”H tempered glass area. Includes single rub rail and 3pt lock mechanism
  • Wheel chair door hold open device
  • Ceiling mounted lift light, illuminates interior lift platform area
  • Super spring, Compensate for lift weight