Western Canada Bus in proud to introduce the revolutionary fully integrated OnCommand System

As an IC Bus dealer, Western Canada Bus is extremely happy to be able to provide our customers with the best technology for your busses. This means remote access to diagnosing problems that you may have with your bus. We know that your time is valuable and this product, allows you to focus on more things than the service status of your bus.

Introducing Over the Air Programming!

Revolutionizing the way you service and maintain your fleet!


Ensures buses are running the most up-to-date engine calibrations


Optimized fuel economy + enhanced engine reliability


Ensures trucks are running the most up-to-date engine calibrations

IC BUS is proud to introduce Over-the-Air Programming, a revolutionary way to service and maintain your entire fleet. This simple yet innovative system, made possible with the 9-pin OnCommand® Link device, is designed to reduce time spent in the service shop programming your engines and increase time on the road. Over-the-Air Programming is leveraging reliable technology to boost your uptime in a whole new way.



With Over-the-Air Programming you get the benefit of secure, two-way engine communication, allowing you to wirelessly update your engines without a service visit. That means you can remotely guarantee that your buses are running the manufacturer’s most up-to-date, approved engine calibrations for optimizing fuel economy and enhancing engine reliability. Over-the-Air Programming uses the OnCommand Link device, which enables buses to connect to a secure WiFi signal. The Link between your busses allows you to keep your finger on the pulse of your entire fleet.


IC Bus created Over-the-Air Programming to ensure that all of their busses had the longest uptime possible. When paired with OnCommand® Connection, you gain access to a standard health report containing over 130 parameter values. Those reports are equivalent to a dealer scan that would be performed by a technician at a dealer. This effectively reduces servicing costs while also eliminating the transit and wait time costs that come with service visits. Fewer dealer service trips means less downtime, less cost, and a whole lot more uptime.


Over-the-Air Programming is your key to a fully connected fleet. The Link device is available as an aftermarket product for use with Navistar proprietary engines. Starting in 2017 it will be available on new IC buses equipped with Cummins engines. To learn more about about the OnCommand device and features please have a look at the below links. 
IC Bus Over the Air Programming Info Sheet                                                OnCommand Connection Info Sheet                                                OnCommand Website