Smarttrac™ Available on IC Busses!

In response to the transportation ammendments related to the the introduction of Electronic Stability Control (ESC) Ic bus is proud to announce the launch of the new Smarttrac™ ESC System! This implementation of Electronic Stability Control system across the industry is projected to cut down on the 2,810 Collisions that occured between 2005-2012, of which 819 were injured and 70 fatalities occured.

In a combined devlepoment between Meritor and WABCO we will be starting to carry busses that all have the Smarttrac System installed from factory. The changes in comparison to the old braking system include:Smarttrac

  • Revamped power assist which is now supllied by the power steering pressure
  • Master Cyclinder which now provides direct braking pressure directly to the wheelends.
  • ABS Module upgrade which is moderated by an electric pump the provides the pressure modulation
  • Park Brake Actuation is now foot actuated, New safety features include audible and and visual warnings if the brake is not engaged

The Smarttrac™ ESC System is being used in over 600 Light and Small Passenger vehicle brands today, including Ford, Volkswagon and nissan are amoung some of the most recoginized companies using this system. Being that the system is now being used in a much large capacity there have been significant upgrades to it which include a larger accumlator and maximized hydraulic lines. Warranty on this new system will be for 3 years and 300,000kms on all OEM installs. 



The key take-aways for the Smarttrac™ system are:

  • Improvements to safety
  • Increased product performance
  • Industry proven and backed technology
  • Less maintenance

If you are interested in learning more about the the new Smarttrac™ESC System please  visit If you are interested in purchasing a new bus with the system please contact us  through the email form at the bottom of the page or at