IC Bus announces All-New ChargE Electric Powered School Bus at NAPT

IC Bus announced the All-New ChargE Electric powered school bus concept at the NAPT Convention and trade show. The ChargE CE Series Bus is being produced in cooperation with Navistar's newest partner, Volkswagen truck & Bus.  The new ChargE Bus is expected to be put into the industry as early as 2019! Navistar's goal with this bus is to give the industry an option of transportation that has zero emissions, a lower cost of ownership and offers a user-friendly powertrain, that is as close to diesel performance as possible.

"The chargE demonstrates how our alliance with Volkswagen Truck & Bus is allowing us to move even faster into electric powertrains and other advanced technologies, thanks to our ability to leverage both companies' technology investments and components," said Bill Kozek, senior vice president, Strategic Initiatives, Navistar.

ChargE Side

The ChargE CE Series bus integrates a conventional group electric drivetrain that is currently utilized in Volkswagons Truck & Bus line up. The Drivetrain is excellent not only due to its efficiency, quietness and zero emissions but it can also be custom tailored to each customer's needs. The ChargE has an available range exceeding 120 miles with 260kW (roughly 349 peak HP).

Inside ChargE

"We're proud to introduce our electric powertrain concept vehicle engineered to meet the demands of the 21stcentury school bus industry," noted Trish Reed, vice president and general manager of IC Bus. "As battery technology evolves, we continue to explore a variety of electric technologies to meet our customers' needs in the final design of the CE Series electric-powered school bus."

Thanks to the design of the ChargE the Hood is 7 inches lower than that of the rest of the CE lineup, which aids in having further improved sightlines for the driver, said a company spokesperson. They also added that up to two additional batteries could be stored in the space.

The ChargE can be powered by a total of six batteries depending on payload and school district usage.

The new school bus is also outfitted with LED lights, an internal configurable driver display and forward-facing cameras that give school bus drivers a nearly 360-degree view inside and outside the school bus. 


IC ChargE CE Series School Bus