How does the IC CE Series compare to the industry?

How does the IC CE Series School Bus compare to the competition? This article is filled with resources that will help you in determining why IC is the leader. First and foremost, the IC CE series is all about safety. The goal from the beginning was to build a school bus that achieves the highest safety level and the to carry the best reputation for reliability of any school bus in the industry. 


IC Bus Body Threading

The entire CE Series bus it put together by hand in the manufacturing plant in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Manufacturing by hand is important to note because in assembling the bus in this manner, IC can better ensure that everything is aligned, and quality checked during the build process, whereas robot-assisted manufacturing processes can slowly fall out of specification. What would a School Bus be without its shape, rigidity, and strength?  It would be a waste! The IC CE Series School bus is constructed with a threaded body design. All of the body pieces (roof bows, bow spacers, and drip rails) are threaded together to create a unified cage around its passengers. The "cage" is then wrapped in 16-gauge steel (which is .6mm thicker than our competitors) and riveted - not screwed - to the "cage" to ensure the utmost in longevity, no matter what driving conditions your bus is exposed to! The CE Series hood is industry leading in that it is a three-piece construction. A three-piece design allows for a single piece to be replaced instead of the entire hood in the event of an accident or repair. The rear emergency exit door is better suited for our acclimate weather in Canada. The hinges are hidden on the inside of the door, shielding them from the elements, meaning they are less susceptible to the environment and more likely to open when you need it to.


IC Bus StepwellThe Stepwell in the CE Series bus is industry leading with a continuous 36" stepwell that does not stagger. The Driver-centric platform offers an entryway that gives the driver better loading & unloading viewing lines to ensure that the passengers are in the most visible line of site at all times.


Cummins IC PSI

The powertrains available are not only industry-leading regarding fuel efficiency, power, and customization but they also are all serviceable and warrantable at every IC Dealer location. Engine options in the CE Series showcase how IC is ensuring they offer options that are best suited to each customer's individual needs. The CE Series now offers a Cummins Diesel ISB 6.7L, PSI purpose-built 8.8L Propane, and a Gasoline Engine. All three options give you the ability to choose the fuel source and engine that best suits your company's resources. The Cummins engine offers a 5-year 100,000-mile warranty, and the PSI Engine offers a 5-year unlimited mileage warranty. These engines provide the utmost in flexibility, reliability, and serviceability. Click here to learn more about our Cummins versus the competitors, and click here to learn more about the PSI Engines versus the Competitors.


IC Bus Transmissions The Engines are mated to an Allison or Eaton Transmission meaning that, durability is the only choice you have with an IC Bus Transmission. The Allison 2000 series has many advantages. The first one is, thanks to the shorter sturdier shaft, there is an increase in strength and reliability. Second, the Allison Clutch C1 and C5 have almost 10% and 45% more material (respectively) which means they are that much stronger with holding force and ability to deliver power to the wheels. The heavy duty parking pawl better ensures that your vehicle is securely stopped. The best part about the Allison transmission is that it offers an industry leading 7-year unlimited mileage warranty.


Safety goes hand in hand with visibility, that's why the IC Bus windshield was designed the way that it is. It allows for an expansive and uninterrupted view from the driver's seat with no A-Pillars or middle dividers. The three-piece roped in windshield allows for individual sections to be popped out with minimal cost or effort for quick and easy repairs. Add to that our overlapping wipers, which provides maximum visibility in poor weather conditions, and you have improved all-around visibility for drivers. The newly redesigned rear passenger windows also allow for them to open with more ease while maintaining a tighter seal.IC vs Comp Window

Visibility Window IC

Throughout the history of IC, it is evident that there have been constant strives to improve their product offerings with new technology, innovation, and designs. IC has done a great job in ensuring that their product is safe, reliable, and durable. The IC product is leading the way with never-ending advancements, and this comparison hopefully showed a few of the ways that IC has successfully achieved a superior product. Check out the full IC CE Series vs Competitor comparison here. If you have questions about the CE Series and any of its components, please get in contact through the contact us page. Also, subscribe below to get updates about exciting updates and information from Western Canada Bus.