BE Series

BE Series

As wrestling competitors know, bigger is not necessarily better. Strength is what counts. So if you need to carry 14 to 30 students in a real bus – not a van – the BE Series bus from IC Bus has you covered. With an all-steel body design and thick 16-gauge side sheets, it’s solidly built to last a full 12 years, not just seven like a typical Type A bus. And inside, it’s every bit as tall and wide as a longer bus. We provided a lighted steering-wheel-mounted entrance door control and eight-way light switches to safeguard children at each stop. Visual and audible alarms for low fuel, oil, voltage, coolant and high temperature add a measure of safety.

Wheel Base

  • 158"


  • 14-30 passengers


  • 16,000-17,500 lbs.

Front Suspension

  • 7,000-lb. standard

Rear Suspension

  • 9,000-lb. spring standard
  • Higher ratings available


  • Allison 1000 PTS


  • Full power hydraulic with ABS and ATC